Sto. Rosario Cave System survey map

The Sto. Rosario Cave System is located in the Barangays of San Pedro and Barlo. To date, it has four entrances: Tubo-tubo Cave (San Pedro), Sto. Rosario Cave (San Pedro), Bual Cave (San Pedro), and Cabalyorisa Cave (Barlo).

The survey map below is an output of the Municipal Cave Management Plan of Mabini that was facilitated by Balincaguin Conservancy and funded by Team Energy Corp., Congressman Jesus F. Celeste, and LGU-Mabini. It maps the first three entrances (Tubo-tubo, Sto. Rosario, and Bual). The remaining portion, Bual to Cablyorisa, is an on-going project of Balincaguin Conservancy.

Santo Rosario Cave 1280